Pluto in Capricorn: Waking Up in A Burning House

The last few days I have been tending to the various threads of my life that seem determined to unravel. I’ve moved (become semi-nomadic really) and am about to try my hand at freelance writing and teaching. I fear I shall shortly be an embodiment of the starving artist. At least starvation will have a salutary effect on my figure…

The transit of Pluto through my natal fourth house in Capricorn began in January and I guess this is the energy I’ll be learning to accept on one level or another for quite some time. If that sounded like Klingon to you, bear with me and I’ll try to explain.

Despite what sun-sign newspaper astrologers and their detractors would have us believe, astrology is in reality a rather complex way of mapping past, present and future energy patterns in the cosmos and attempting to understand the ways in which these configurations of energy might manifest. Each planet is the “ruler” of a specific form of personal or transpersonal energy. The signs of the zodiac are representations of particular patterns into which any energy might fall. The houses of the zodiac (twelve of them, one for each sign) are representations of twelve major “areas” of human life that manifest the energy signified by the planets as they move through the signs. The result is a rich symbolic language for forces that are not always subject to modern science’s analyses.

With that in mind it should be a fairly easy task to parse my earlier statement and discuss the ways in which it describes an active energy in my life at the moment. Let’s begin with Pluto.

Named for the Roman God of the Underworld, Pluto is the planetary ruler of regeneration energy. This is all well and good until one remembers that what is regenerated has to first DEgenerate. Pluto destroys to build anew; whatever is weak will crumble at his touch and whatever is still vital and functioning for our Highest Good will survive. Since Pluto is one of the outer planets (or at least it used to be), the effect is transpersonal, impersonal, like natural disasters.

Capricorn represents the status quo. Its key phrase is “I establish.” Capricorn is the sign of structure and order – self-discpline, tradition, hard work are all part of this pattern.

The fourth house is called the Imum Coeli in Latin, “the bottom of the sky,” and the area of life it rules is one of the most private: the home and family. By extension it rules our upbringing and psychological foundations, our sense of security.

So in layman’s terms Pluto moving through Capricorn in my natal fourth house is like waking up to discover my house is on fire. The panic, the desperation one feels when a place with so many comforting associations (and even painful ones – on some level we become our pain but that’s another topic) and such a deep connection to our sense of self is destroyed or taken away is the manifestation of this energy. Who I am is in question right now; who I want to be even more so. Where do I feel at home, what undergirds my soul: these are all questions that Pluto expects me to answer as he spends a good sixteen years in this sign and house. Resignation seems to be the best strategy in dealing with Pluto – I am doing my best to let what isn’t fireproof go up in smoke.


~ by marcionus on August 3, 2009.

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